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House Designs   |   Architectural And Design

Breathtaking House Designs

By Bobbie Schaaf

When looking at house designs, the variety can seem endless. In any given price range, there can be hundreds of possibilities. Looking at line drawings can be helpful, but often this is not enough to determine whether a design will fit your taste and lifestyle.

One way to see what house plans designs will really look like is to visit model homes. This way, you see for yourself what the real-world incarnation of a house is like. Aspects like ceiling contours, levels of sunlight, and air circulation are right there for you to experience for yourself so you don't have to try to imagine them based on a flat drawing.

It's also easier to spot areas that you may want to customise. After your tour, get a copy of the plan. You'll now find it a bit easier to imagine how plans translate to reality in the future.

Another way to check out house designs in 3D is to visit websites with photo or video tours of homes. These offer a workable way to see a lot of already-built homes without having to spend hours driving from one model to another.

Though the experience isn't quite like standing in a real-life house, video tours do a good job of portraying important aspects of homes. You can easily see if a house will be spacious or cozy, imagine it with your own furniture, and know whether it has enough windows for your liking. Most of these sites also offer the house plans designs for download or printing, too.

If the array of house designs simply seems to be too big to go through, a good practice is to narrow down the selection. Price is an obvious starting point - there's no need to look at plans for homes that are far above or below your budget. Size is another factor to consider.

A home meant for one or two people can be a lot smaller than one intended to house a family of five. Other things to look at are how well a plan conforms to the demands of your daily life. Spend time imagining going through your daily activities in the houses the plans depict and weed out any that you realize are unsuitable.

By keeping these things in mind, you'll soon narrow down your options to a manageable number. From there, it's simply a matter of choosing the house plans designs that fit your taste and working with a builder to determine which one is the best to make into a new house of your own.

House Designs - Evaluating The Bedrooms

By Russell R. Freeman

When looking at house designs, the bedroom should be a pleasant place in which to sleep. If you live on a busy street, put the bedroom at the back. Put it as far away from distracting noises as you can. Insulation in the walls and drap­eries at the windows will help to shut out part of the noise.

A bedroom should be well ventilated, with windows on two sides of the room if possible, to insure a good circulation of air on hot sultry nights. Win­dows in bedrooms should be given careful study. If they are carelessly placed, they interfere too much with placement of the furniture. Many people have found that high windows, 4' or 41/2' from the. floor, but extending over a wider area horizontally, give a better distribution of the fresh air with less draftiness, and make it a lot easier to place the furniture where you want it without interference from the windows.

The bedroom should be painted in soft colors, which are soothing to frayed nerves. Strong, vibrant colors may be all right in the family room or in the bathroom, but the bedroom should be a place of rest, with subdued tones.

If a bedroom is merely a place in which to sleep, it can be rather small and still be quite satisfactory. After all, in the last sleep, all they allow a person is a space about 3' x 6'. If you want a bedroom with a fireplace in it, two or three easy chairs, a desk, and an extensive bookcase, you will need a considerable amount of space. If you also want to do your sewing and ironing in the bedroom, you will have to allow room enough for that, too.

How large should a bedroom be? At least large enough so that the bed can be moved around or turned around in it. Large enough for a full-sized bed and a chest of drawers, a night stand, a chair, and perhaps a dressing table. Perhaps 8' x 10' inside measurement might be considered as the absolute minimum.

Most building codes do not permit house designs with rooms smaller than 80 square feet in area, and this would just meet that requirement. Certainly a room 9' x 12' would be much better, while 11' x 14' or 12' x 14' would seem rather spacious. In an ordinary house a room 12' x 16' would be adequate for almost any master bedroom.

A bedroom isn't greatly in need of a view as a person usually isn't often in a bedroom during the daylight hours and then he usually isn't looking out the window.

There should be at least half as many bedrooms as there are people in the family, and a guest room is an important adjunct, if it can be managed. Two boys can occupy the same room when they are small, but, of course, the ideal is for each child to have his own room when he gets older, if at all possible.

Perhaps the master bedroom should be large enough so that two beds can be put in it in hot weather. When it is cold, probably only one of them will be used.

Where there are small children, the mother will probably want their room to be near hers, but for adults, if bedrooms can be separated from each other, one noisy or restless person will not bother the others quite so much.

A private bath for the master bedroom is a good idea, but not an absolute necessity. A good rule to follow is to have at least one bath for each two bed­rooms. A three-bedroom house should have two baths. In the morning rush hour, when the children are hurrying to get ready for school, and Dad has to shave, and mother has to do her hair, enough bath­rooms will save a lot of frayed nerves. Better econo­mize somewhere else and have enough bathrooms.

Plan your bedrooms well, when dealing with house designs and you will have a much more comfortable house.

Dream House Designs

By Lewis Baker

Designing your house may always seem like a dream project that you have been thinking of for a long time. There are several architects and engineer that specialize in the art of designing homes for people. However there are also people who like to consult specialists only to give shape to designs that they have already created for their dream home.

House and Design

One of the most important parts in the making of a house is its design. There are several attributes that have to be carefully considered before the design of a house is finalized.

Here are certain points to be considered.

Land Size - If you have selected a plot of land for the construction of your house then you will have to consider the size or area of the same before you embark on the house design. The size of the land plot will decide the structure and the height that can be afforded with the house. The number of rooms and their respective sizes will also be affected by the same.
Number of Rooms - You will have to decide the number of rooms that you want in your house and the nature of their purpose as well. There are many families that are large which makes it imperative that they concentrate on finding more space for rooms than other things. On the other had the design layout could be different in case there is a freedom of space with a garden and a patio.
Interior Design - An important part of a house design is its interior layout. This includes the arrangements of the rooms and their placements in coordination with each other. For example the bedrooms are always arranged in seclusion and the opening room is usually a living room.
Floor planning - The flooring of the house is an important part of the interior design. It is to be remembered that this is a permanent construction and will not change each time you change the wall colors or décor. The flooring has to be soothing and comforting to the eye as well as feet.
Technical Planning - This is a planning that refers to the electrical layout of a house design. There are several aspects of modern day electric planning that needs to be designed prior to the construction. The kind of planning with the wires and the areas where they will pass. The placements of the electric supply meters are also important.
Water Supply - This is a very important part of any household. So you will need a protective and secure place where you can construct a water tank and ensure proper and regular supply to all parts of the house. In case you are planning to have the same supply for your drinking water then you will also need to ensure water filtration methods and protection for the same.

There are several firms and architects who can enable you to design that perfect house for you on the basis of technical specifications and planning. At the same there is always a scope whereby you could customize the house design with your specific requirements.

Modern Home Plans - Stylish Home Designs and Choosing Your Favourites

By Ian M MacDonald

Modern home plans are a popular topic for those who are pursuing new house construction in New Zealand. There are a variety of ways to choose the right architectural design company, but the ultimate rule is to make sure that they offer the house plans and designs that you are looking for in your new construction. After all, it doesn't matter how affordable or even how reputable they might be, if their designs don't suit your tastes you won't be one step closer to building your dream house.

In order to choose the best modern home plans, you should always start by researching architectural design services and builders to see what each one offers. If you are capable of getting referrals from a friend or family member, consider that option when looking for builders as well. If not, it's nothing to worry about. You can still find great house designs and builders on your own. Once you have found a few home designers or builders that suit your tastes, you can start looking at their prices. The budget that you have for something like new house construction is going to be more rigid and play a larger role than it might in other purchases or projects that you take on.

Plan your budget accordingly so that you don't get your hopes too high or settle for less than you deserve. That is, plan your budget based on what you can afford. If a half-million dollar home is in your dreams, make sure you can finance it - visit your accountant and bank manager beforehand so you know what budget you can realistically work with. Modern home plans don't have to be expensive, but you definitely have to think about your budget so that you can compare it to the designs that are available and the ideas that you already have about the house that you want.

Stylish house designs are readily available to just about anyone, and modern home plans offer something for just about everyone. You need to look through the available plans, compare them to your budget, and ensure that you are working with a reputable builder who will build the house that you want. As long as you keep these things in mind, you will find the ideal architectural design company and house plan for your new construction no matter what you want or how much you have to spend.

Dsigna Concepts is a professional architectural design and draughting services company based in New Plymouth, Taranaki on the west coast of New Zealand's North Island.

We deliver services from architectural design to council permit drawings. With the use of computer-aided design programs, we not only offer 2D drawings, but also computer generated 3D images. As well as servicing our local market with custom architectural house design services, we also offer a searchable online database of architecturally designed house/home plans, available to anyone in New Zealand.


Architectural And Design

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 M.C. Escher

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 Giorgio Morandi

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The holy grail is to spend less time making the picture than it takes people to look at it.

To become truly immortal, a work of art must escape all human limits: logic and common sense will only interfere. But once these barriers are broken, it will enter the realms of childhood visions and dreams.
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