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What Is The Most Money Making Career In 3D Animation?

So, what is the most money making career in 3D animation? The answer is most likely in architecture and real estate, though there are also other opportunities within the field that offer individuals a challenging career and excellent wages either with or without an extensive amount of professional schooling. However, as some do pay better than others, it is good to look at the different types of 3D animation jobs available and which ones pay the most in order to find the one that is right for the individual in question.

Basically, there are several types of animation; However, only 2D and 3D are the ones mostly used today. Beginning with Cel animation in the early days of cartooning which is the original in which a progressive set of pictures if flipped through to create a moving cartoon or other program. Used extensively in the early days of cartoon, silent movies and television, there are still other ways such animation is used today. However, it has definitely taken a back seat to Stop animation which allows individual characters such as King Kong and other movie figures to move on their own. Following this style, 2D and 3D while popular in the past due to the realistic nature of the images and the need to look through special 3D glasses have become even more popular today with the invention of large stadium theaters and DVDs. In some cases, remakes of famous movies into 2D and 3D formatting are even more popular today than in times of their original release.

Regardless, each style of animation in this regard can often generate interest in working with same. However, 3D is a style used in far more than movies and television. This is because architecture, character development, gaming, museums and other areas all include opportunities to work in 3D design. Of course, one of the newest areas in relation to 3D animation and design is that of the many new 3D televisions scheduled for release later this year.

As to which area one can make the most money in such design, the answer is most likely architecture and design. This is because while engineers, film crews, gamers and others often do make a great deal of money, individuals who can create and sell designs and development in relation to architecture and business are no doubt going to make the most over time. Generally, this is because such 3D architecture design work pays on a contract basis and can often include the buying and selling of buildings and property along with such design; Whereas, individuals working in other other 3D animation fields are often working on a salary or hourly based system, though there are most likely a few 3D film and television designers who may also receive royalties in the process.

However, one need decide which area one is most interested in working in as generally all require some schooling in such a field. Whether such schooling comes from a hands-on learning process or through traditional schooling is not as important as the individual understanding the process, which is often different for each style of 3D animation and design. Therefore, one may want to consider which area one is most interested in before obtaining and paying for coursework in such regard.

To this end, if one is interested in working in a specific area of 3D animation, one definitely need follow such dream. For if 3D animation is not the job of the future, it certainly appears to be one of the best jobs at present, in all associated fields. For, whether that is in design and development of architecture in relation to 3D building design, the new 3D animation televisions, 3D character development for DVDs, movies, online gaming or in the area of board or electronic game development, all are challenging, technical and well paying positions.




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You may need Architectural Models for your projects.
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