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You may need Architectural Scale Models for your projects.

Understanding The Procedure Of Watercolor Rendering

An architectural rendering is produced by going through a specific process in stages. The procedure of watercolor rendering is a carefully followed regimen. The purchaser is consulted at each stage. After step one, approval is required before moving on to step two. This precaution ensures satisfactory results for the buyer. It's a fine example of what good communication can do for any business transaction.

First the architectural drawings are sent to the artist by email. The artist uses them to determine what the cost of rendering will be. When the cost is agreed upon, both parties contract for the work to be done.

Next, a 3D computer model is made showing a selection of different views from various angles. These views are emailed to be examined. The purchaser then selects the view that he or she wants. Next, the artist transfers that view to watercolor paper.

A preliminary pencil drawing is prepared on the watercolor paper and once again sent for approval. The customer approves it and returns it to the artist. The artist then creates the watercolor architectural rendering. That completes the artistic process.

It is then scanned and emailed to the customer for her or his final approval. Upon final approval and acceptance, the finished architectural watercolor rendering is carefully packaged and sent to the customer using one of the leading delivery services. The entire process can be done in as little as one week.

Who is the person creating these watercolor renderings? The typical artist is an architect with years, or decades of experience as a practicing architect. He has the ability to communicate perfectly with other architects. This is what qualifies him to produce architectural watercolor renderings. It is a unique and specialized talent.

It may take longer than one week to complete a rendering if the emailing and approval steps are not completed by both parties in a timely manner. Maintaining good communication throughout the transaction is key to the procedure of watercolor rendering. Any artistic process requires time and talent and architectural rendering is no exception.




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You may need Architectural Models for your projects.
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