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You may need Architectural Scale Models for your projects.

Some Information On Architectural Renderings And Fees

Sometimes when one walks through a lobby of a commercial center or any big building at that, one can see scale models of a future project or even a scale model of the building itself. Also on the walls of the building near that scale model are drawings showing what the proposed project looks like or is intended to look like. These scale models and most of the drawings depicting scenes with that building are called architectural renderings. Different architectural renderings and fees are offered by many architects the world over to give that real estate project an extra punch.

Depending on the complexity and the prestige of the real estate project that is being envisioned, the fees for renderings differ not according to quantity but to quality as well. Architectural renderings especially those geared for financial reviews will cost a fair amount. Even more so when the project is launched and potential buyers are invited based on nothing but drawing and visual aid presentations.

There are however cheaper ways to get architectural renderings done should your own firm or outfit be too busy to make them or perhaps lacks the necessary manpower and skills. The architectural renderings of some firms are actually subcontracted out to third parties that are not necessarily in the same country of domicile. This is in large thanks to a more globalized world that we live in.

Some firms outsource to agents in India and China where they can be acquired quite cheaply. Simple renderings of a few samples may cost anywhere from around two hundred dollars. More complicated housing projects may cost anywhere from upwards of seven hundred dollars to one thousand five hundred dollars. Those that need a more artistic and personalized look may opt to pay over two thousand dollars for watercolour schemes and renderings.

Third party consultants that do this may charge a pretty premium for these services and one must be prepared to pay a lot more if the project is urgent in nature and needs to be done in a couple of days. The problem also with third party consultants is that they may only have an inkling of what the project proponent wants and not the whole entire idea. This can lead to misunderstandings and perhaps even more delays and costs.

The choice of a firm or individual who will do an architectural rendering on a third party contract basis has both advantages and disadvantages. Definitely one will not trust a great real estate project to a couple of beginners or to a firm that has no track record. Thus prudence is the key in choice of the provider.

Those with track records do charge a heftier premium and charges and the renderings can easily reach thousands of dollars and a great percentage of the project. However, their concepts are not only seen on the paper that will hang on some wall or a scale model they will make for you. They can also do three dimensional walkthroughs of your completed project as if it has already been constructed.

Through the use of advanced programming techniques and software, third party contractors can make a great portfolio your unfinished real estate project both in hard copy and soft copy formats. This portfolio can serve both to market your project to clients as well as your financiers. In all, how much you are willing to spend and where you will spend it will dictate your choices to subcontract your drawings out or not.




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You may need Architectural Models for your projects.
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