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How To Draw Trees By Watercolor In A Few Easy Steps

As an artist there comes a time when you wish to draw a tree or a line of them as a background for the scene that you are trying to create. There are many ways in which to accomplish this, in fact there are many instructional videos, books and online resources to help you. But what most truly desire to learn is how to draw trees by watercolor in a few easy steps.

The first step is to gather the right materials; of course that is the case in almost any creative endeavor. These materials include the right color water based paints, brushes, and the right medium, such as paper to paint your trees on. It also helps if you have a sketching pencil and eraser, for the occasional mistakes you might make, available.

The second step that must be accomplished is a rough sketch of what you intend to paint. To that end your sketching pencil must be put to paper. Having a model to sketch also helps thus you should choose a living tree that appeals to you and begin drawing it.

The tree itself must be bare, or nearly bare of leaves, and be dark against a lighter background. In this way it is easier on your eyes by reducing the confusion of sight and the hurt that may be caused by strain.

As you draw the tree also be aware of its basic outline and make it a part of what you are drawing. Pay special attention to how the branches connect with the main trunk of the tree and the spaces between the various parts of the tree. What results does not have to be a perfect copy but should represent its shape.

In the final stages of your drawing pay attention to the detail and the shading. This particular process requires practice and a good eye for detail. One important factor in a realistic drawing is to understand the source of light. Including the direction it is coming from. Therefore the area closest to the light source should be brightest and the farthest should be darker. But to many details will just make the painting look messy and you will not achieve the effect that you were working towards.

Learning how to draw trees by watercolor or any other means is near necessity for any budding artist to round out their skills. Of course there is also the fact that most outdoor paintings require a background of trees to seem complete.




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You may need Architectural Models for your projects.
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