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You may need Architectural Scale Models for your projects.

Discovering Several Different Types Of Architectural Models

There are many different types of architectural models, each of which hold their own specific uses and benefits. The architectural model has been with man since the beginning of the written word. They are as important to the form and function of design today as they have always been in the past.

One type of model is the exhibition model. Exhibition models are designed to show cut away sections. These are most often used in sales presentations for new design and building materials. They are also helpful as an accurate scale visual for new flat developments or urban planning, in helping financiers preview the structure before it has been constructed.

Collector's or gift models are usually compact and self-contained. In this instance a master model is first constructed using hard, high grade modeling wax. These typically have insets of both brass and plastic that has been etched or machine shaved to hold the proper form.

The completed master will then be approved for reproduction. It will then be molded in silicon rubber using a vacuum. This is then used as a mould for re-creations of the master. The end result can be finished or painted depending upon the intended design.

Landscaping models are generally built from scratch and usually commercially produced. These can be simplistic, especially when using landscape to display lands that battles are fought upon. They can also be very intricate and involve very exquisite details such as in the case of displaying golf courses for the sake of financing.

Architectural models have been used for numerous reasons since the dawn of man's recorded history. They are useful museum displays as well as in the design process of buildings, monuments and battle weapons and ground. The different types of architectural models can be found by searching online. Here you will find a vast wealth of information that is useful for both the hobbyist and the developer.




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You may need Architectural Models for your projects.
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