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You may need Architectural Scale Models for your projects.

An Archivisionstudio Dot Com Review

An archivisionstudio dot com review can only begin by noting the company's watercolor style. The skill of the artists brings a measure of warmth, softness, human life and more into their renderings. Anyone who has ever used watercolor paints understands that the luminosity of the colors, when used right, offer a combination of light and spontaneity that is priceless.

Exploring the website fully shows that the exquisite aesthetic includes the skills to meet the needs of any client. The posted examples show completed work. Categories include corporate, culture, education, public work, residential, resort, retail, miscellaneous.

Short descriptive paragraphs at the top of each page present the firm's architectural philosophy and thoughts about how architecture relates to the cultural experience. They point out that many things that are built become political and cultural symbols.

Reading through these blurbs helps the visitor understand the visual quality of their work. These short paragraphs also demonstrate an understanding of architecture as a part of our environment. Moreover, the work reflects an acknowledgement that visual communication and graphic design both work with and express architectural form.

Archi-vision Studios is also an award winning firm. Their rendering of Royal Pacific Resort, Orlando, Florida won the "Award of Excellence, Formal Category, AIP 16, 2000." While architectural rendering sometimes seems more technical than artistic, the artistry of this piece suggests a combination of the softness of an impressionistic work photo-realism with the strength of a well developed formal composition.

Although the page is robust and appears fully complete in many ways, it is also clear it is a work in progress. Certain topics (skies, trees, brushes, etc.) note that will new items will be added monthly. The link to how they do the rendering is not yet active and it will be interesting to see this how they combine the glow of a watercolor composed on paper with the computerized aspects of their practice.

Finally, an archivisionstudio dot com review can hardly capture the visual quality of a page that is designed to communicate with images. To appreciate how well it all works, one needs to stop by and look around.




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You may need Architectural Models for your projects.
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