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You may need Architectural Scale Models for your projects.

Accuracy In Architectural Model Making Is Not Always Found In 3D Software

Accuracy in architectural model making most certainly requires the use of tactile and physical materials. A scale model is meant to represent a precise, but smaller construction of the intended design. This is the traditional way of presenting an architectural idea for financial backing.

In sales presentations people what to see a realistic interpretation of what they are investing in. Certain visual aspects of a project can only be revealed when incorporating such aspects as texture and coloration. As architecture is and remains an art form, appealing to the senses of potential backers in the most effective way is guaranteed to get the better results.

3D software has certain admitted features that physical models do not. Incorporating pertinent data into the presentation of a physical model requires that there be a secondary report. Models designed by using this cutting edge software can bring to light valuable data within the same presentation.

Software generated models involve far less concern regarding the use of delicate materials. Lighting effects are achieved without the hassle that is known to be a part of the physical model making process. Ultimately these can be cheaper, in a way, less subject to damage, and easier to construct.

It is accuracy however that they lack. Accuracy when using 3D architectural models is lacking in a major way. First, 3D software can never truly display a three dimensional re-creation of any project. The resulting image has been and will always be two dimensional.

In general it is intended that architectural models be the focus or meeting point within the design process. Numerous designers of different trades can come together with their various problems and solutions at the model design table. Lacking this process, there remains little room for accuracy in architectural model making when individuals of different trades cannot come together for the combination of their different tasks.




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You may need Architectural Models for your projects.
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